1967 MoPar Parts Book Reprint 2 Volume Set

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This reprinted 2 volume set is your ultimate resource for original part numbers with illustrations for 1967 model MoPar cars. It is a reproduction of the book your dealer would have used to order parts. You will find original MoPar part numbers and illustrations. You will also see exploded view illustrations, exterior/interior color combinations, trim packages, group & part numbers, and most of the standard hardware (nuts and bolts). You can use this book to help you find parts today because most parts vendors still use Mopar's original part numbers to keep track of their parts. You can also identify if the parts you are buying are original and complete; if you're missing parts, you can use the book to see what you should have. The book set has 1498 pages and is in NEW condition. Covers 1967 Mopar models including Plymouth, Dodge car, Chrysler, and Imperial. Buy now to own this useful catalog.
"1967 Chrysler Parts Passenger Car Parts Catalog" 2 Volume Set
This item is a reproduction
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1967 Chrysler [Mopar] Passenger Car Parts Catalog

Review by RJ on 10/7/2012

I just had my birthday. I just got a copy of the 1967 Chrysler [Mopar] Passenger Car Parts Catalog from Faxon as a present. It is made up of 1498 pages in two volumes. Separating it into two bound volumes is just about perfect. I am overwhelmed by the quality. They look like they just came from the Chrysler factory. - This is so much nicer than what was offered at some other places at similar prices. I think that some of them are offering this catalog as 1498 loose pages that you must hole punch and put into a large loose-leaf notebook. Also their quality seemed fishy.

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Chrysler models: Newport, Newport Custom, 300, New Yorker, Imperial, Crown, and LeBaron, Station Wagon, and Police
Dodge models: Dart, 170, 270, GT, Station Wagon, Coronet, R/T, 440, 500, Monaco, Polara, Taxi, Police, and Fleet;
Plymouth models: Barracuda, Valiant, Signet, Belvedere I, Belvedere II, GTX, Satellite, Fury I, Fury II, Fury III, Sport Fury, VIP, Taxi, Police, station wagon, and Fleet.

1967 Chrysler 300
1967 Chrysler Imperial
1967 Chrysler Imperial Crown
1967 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron
1967 Chrysler New Yorker
1967 Chrysler Newport
1967 Chrysler Newport Custom
1967 Chrysler Town & Country
1967 Dodge Charger
1967 Dodge Charger R/T
1967 Dodge Coronet
1967 Dodge Coronet 440
1967 Dodge Coronet 500
1967 Dodge Coronet R/T
1967 Dodge Dart
1967 Dodge Dart 270
1967 Dodge Dart GT
1967 Dodge Monaco
1967 Dodge Monaco 500
1967 Dodge Polara
1967 Plymouth Barracuda
1967 Plymouth Belvedere
1967 Plymouth Belvedere II
1967 Plymouth Fury
1967 Plymouth Fury II
1967 Plymouth Fury III
1967 Plymouth Fury Sport
1967 Plymouth GTX
1967 Plymouth Satellite
1967 Plymouth Valiant
1967 Plymouth Valiant Signet
1967 Plymouth VIP