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This original manual was designed to train Ford dealers and salesmen to sell Heavy Duty Trucks.  It provides complete infomation for the immediate identification of both Ford and major competitors chassis componenets. You'll see charts with specifications for front axle (model, type, rated capacity I-Beam inches, spindle diameter, and kingpin diameter), engine (model, displacement, bore & stroke, horsepower, and torque), transmission (main, auxiliary and transfer case) (model, number of sppeds, type gears, range, gear rattios, lube points, weight, PTO openings, and nominal torque input ratings), and rear axle ( model, rated capacity, housing material, gear type, shaft diameter, ratios available, and brakes available).  This is a confidential book intended to be seen only by Ford salespeople and not shown to customers.  Buy now for this original material from Ford.

"Ford Axle, Engine & Transmission Guide Confidential For Salesmen Only"
This item is original.
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1968 Ford Heavy Duty Truck
1968 Ford W-Series
1968 Ford Heavy Duty Truck 1968 Ford W-Series