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This manual contains service information for all 1968 Ford Thunderbirds. It is an original manual printed by Ford for use by mechanics at the dealer. You will find step-by-step illustrated repair procedures for brakes, suspension, steering, wheels, tires, rear axle, drive shaft, clutch, automatic transmission, engine, ignition system, fuel systems, cooling system, exhaust system, charging system, starting system, lighting system, horns, instruments, ventilating, heating, accessories, body doors, windows, trim, seats, and the convertible top. Includes wiring diagrams, specifications (at the end of each section), special tool lists, exploded view illustrations, troubleshooting diagnosis, and pictures. It covers all 1968 Canadian Thunderbirds. This book contains supplemental information on those features new to the '68 T-bird-- the supplement will refer you back to the 1967 Thunderbird Shop Manual for much of the information. For complete repair instructions, use this manual in conjunction with the 1967 manual. This is the only way that Ford made a shop manual for 68. Buy now to own the best manual for your car.
"1968 Ford Thunderbird Shop Manual Supplement"
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1968 Ford Thunderbird
1968 Ford Thunderbird