1969 Ford Truck Preliminary Repair Shop Manual Original

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This manual was made to train Ford dealer mechanics on new procedures and features of the 1969 model year. You'll see 8 pages on how to decode the truck rating plate (model, color, trim, engine, assembly plant, transmission, axles, and more). Some of the topics covered include: F100-F350 Thompson power steering pump, F250-350 and E300 rear axle shaft replacement/automatic transmission minor changes, manual transmission back-up light switches, radiator pressure cap testing, fuse panel, Kelsey Hayes brakes, medium duty ross power steering pump, diesel fuel system changes, Bronco rear window lock, and Econoline auxiliary step. There is a maintenance schedule, lubrication guide with points and fluids, and a handy list of specifications. Instructions accompanied by exploded view illustrations and diagrammed pictures to help you get the job done right. Buy now to own this original manual from Ford.
"1969 Truck Preliminary Shop Manual"
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This manual covers all 1969 Ford trucks, including Bronco, Club Wagon, Econoline, B-, C-, F-, N-, P-, T-, and W-Series.
1969 Ford Bronco
1969 Ford Bronco Roadster
1969 Ford Bronco Wagon
1969 Ford B-Series
1969 Ford C-Series
1969 Ford CT-Series
1969 Ford E-100 Econoline
1969 Ford E-100 Econoline Club Wagon
1969 Ford E-200 Econoline
1969 Ford E-200 Econoline Club Wagon
1969 Ford E-300 Econoline
1969 Ford E-300 Econoline Club Wagon
1969 Ford F-100 Pickup
1969 Ford F-250 Pickup
1969 Ford F-350 Pickup
1969 Ford F-Series
1969 Ford Heavy Duty Truck
1969 Ford Medium Duty Truck
1969 Ford N-Series
1969 Ford NT-Series
1969 Ford P-350
1969 Ford P-Series Parcel Delivery
1969 Ford T-Series
1969 Ford W-Series