1970-1981 Pontiac Trans Am and Firebird Restoration Guide by Benzaquen

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This is a practical book geared to the do-it-yourself home restorer. Step-by-step photos accompanied by in-depth and detailed captions explain how to perform each stage of the restoration process.

This book specially focuses on body restoration procedures. In addition to basic body disassembly, you'll learn about specific areas like carpet installation and dash removal. Get tips on where F-bodies commonly rust and how to repair those particular rusted areas by removing them and welding in patches, especially fenders and quarter panels. Learn about dent removal. Find out how to prepare at home for your own paint job, or how to select a good paint shop and paint type. You'll discover how to work with metal, plastic, and fiberglass body parts in the chapter on doors, spoilers, bumpers, and wheel flares.

You'll learn when to rebuild and engine, how to make the engine look original, and how to remove and install transmissions. The book does NOT get much into the rebuilding of engines, transmissions, and differentials. Find out about driveshaft reconditioning, rear axle removal, replacing front disc brakes, upgrading to four wheel disc brakes, suspension control arm refinishing, leaf spring replacement, fuel tank removal, and basic electrical.

Not only does the numbers chapter explain basic VIN decoding, you also get cylinder head, transmission, rear axle, and carburetor ID codes. The book is in BRAND NEW condition. Buy now to own this authoritative and comprehensive guide.
Melvin Benzaquen
"Trans Am & Firebird Restoration 1970 1/2-1981"
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