1970 Corvette Repair Shop Manual Reprint Set

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These are high-quality reprints of the same manuals that a Chevrolet dealer mechanic would use to work on cars. The set includes the "1970 Chevrolet Chassis Service Manual" and the "1970 Chevrolet Service News 1970 Corvette Features" so you will have complete service information for your 1970 Corvette. You will find step-by-step instructions on lubrication, Corvette body, heater & air conditioning, frame, front & rear suspension, driveline, brakes, engine, clutch & transmission, fuel tank & exhaust, steering, chassis sheet metal, radiator & grille, accessories, bumpers and the electrical system. You'll see detailed specifications compiled at the rear of the big book. Special tool lists can be found at the end of each section. Also, lots of clear black and white pictures, illustrations, wiring diagrams and specifications clarify the instructions. Includes maintenance & routine repair for engine, transmission, and rear end, but does not cover complete overhaul of those parts. These books cover all 1970 Chevrolet car models plus 1969-1970 Corvette; and body service information for Corvette only. The Chevy News bulletin covers all service information for the Corvette that was new for 1970 and updates the other manual to make it work for the 1970 Corvette. NEW condition! The Chevy service manual has 642 pages and the news bulletin is 22 pages. Buy now to own the best shop manual for your car. .
""1970 Chevrolet Service News 1970 Corvette Features"
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423 & ST13070 REPRINT
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1970 Chevrolet Corvette
1970 Chevrolet Corvette