1972 Jeep Service Specifications Manual Reprint

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This handy little book is a quality licensed reprint of a mechanic's manual from 1972. You will find out about vehicle identification (inc. VIN decoding), body specifications, model & body styles, tread width and wheelbase, exterior dimensions, interior dimensions, paint & trim, maintenance & lubrication, tune-up, engine, cooling, electrical, emission control systems, carburetion, clutch, transmission (manual & automatic), brakes, tires, axle, steering, suspension, and capacities. Includes troubleshooting guides, testing limits, pictures, diagrams and more. Order now for this manual from Jeep.
"Jeep 1972 CJ-5/CJ-6 Commando Wagoneer Truck 4-Wheel-Drive Models Service Specifications"
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6.75 x 4.25 x 0.15 inches
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Covers 1972 Jeep models including CJ-5, CJ-6, Commando, Wagoneer, & Truck.
1972 Jeep CJ5
1972 Jeep CJ6
1972 Jeep DJ5
1972 Jeep J-100
1972 Jeep J-2500
1972 Jeep J-2600
1972 Jeep J-4500
1972 Jeep J-4600
1972 Jeep J-4700
1972 Jeep J-4800
1972 Jeep Jeepster Commando
1972 Jeep Wagoneer
1972 Jeep CJ5 CJ6 DJ5 J-100 J-2500 J-2600 J-4500 J-4600 J-4700 J-4800 Jeepster Wagoneer