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This original book, printed by Buick, explains details of the operating the parts and accessories department. It also covers parts wholesale compensation plan, parts manager's job, merchandising, personnel, space and facilities, and inventory control. Sections include: (I) Parts & Accessories Policies, II) Procedures, (II-A) Reference Material, (II-B) Parts Classifications, (II-C) Stock Replenishment Orders, (II-D) Material Receiving, (II-E) Transportation Claims, (II-F) Handling Special Orders, (II-G) Material Returns, (II-H) Wholesale Compensation Plan, (II-I) Physical Inventory, (III) The Parts Manager's Job, (IV) Parts And Accessories Merchandising, (V) Personnel, (VI) Space And Facilities & (VIII) Inventory Control. This book is all text, no pictures. Buy now to be one of the few collectors to own this privileged information.

"Buick Dealer Parts and Accessories Sales Managers Operating Guide"
This item is original.
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1973 Buick Centurion
1973 Buick Electra
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