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This book was written by Bill Carroll, publisher of Auto Book Press. The Table of Contents of this fine book introduces a manual for service requirements of the Honda Civic. The first massive chapter is on general specifications and maintenance procedures, followed by a section on inspection and scheduled service of all from steering to cooling. Engine removal and installation precedes a chapter on repair of the four-cylinder power plant. Clutch and transmission are covered in detail, the instructions for the Honda-Matic automatic transmission follow. Both sets of carburetors are detailed with full coverage of adjustment, repair or overhaul. The electrical system chapter is complete; including charging, starting, lights, wipers and instrument panel devices. A front-drive section includes steering and tie-rod services. Brakes, suspension and exhaust systems are separately explained. Body service includes sheet metal, door and panel fitting and glass replacement. A unique feature is a section on maintenance standards designed to insure Honda operation at the peak of designed ability. A final chapter includes all specifications to insure compliance with State and Federal regulations for adjustment of both early and late model emission controls. Every performance-minded Honda owner and mechanic will find this accurate manual useful.

Bill Carroll
"Bill Carrolls Performance Engineering Handbooks Honda Civic Guide"
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.50 inches
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This manual covers all 1973-1975 Honda Civics with the 1170 cc engine. The CVCC is not covered in this manual. The book may be helpful for 1976-1979 1200 models also.
1973-1974 Honda Civic
1975 Honda Civic 1200 Sedan 2-Door
1975 Honda Civic 1200 Sedan 3-Door
1973 1974 1975 Honda Civic