1975 Cadillac Optional Specifications Book Reprint

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This is a dealer-only album that salespeople used. You can use this book to restore your vehicle to its historic best, upgrade with factory options, or to authenticate equipment already installed. You will find the following information in this book:

Option Album -- lists and displays the options and/or accessories available for each model with factory ordering codes. Dealers used these books to order personalized vehicles from the factory and they feature "inside information" information only dealers were supposed to see.

See lists of color choices for the exterior, vinyl roof, convertible top, accent stripes, cloth and leather upholstery, and color combinations (interior/exterior, exterior/roof, exterior/accent stripes) - these are lists only as the book is printed in black and white. Learn about interior features for each model. You'll see descriptions of equipment groups and also individual options, along with ordering codes. You will also find descriptions of options such as the sun roof, astro roof, radios, power seats, split bench seat, fuel injection, fuel monitor, illuminated entry, air bags, theft deterrent system, controlled differential, trailering package, and heavy duty cooling. The end of the book includes ordering instructions for special order features, like non-standard colors, two tones, white leather interior combinations, all cloth seats, and landau roof.

Buy now to get the best information on optional equipment for the 1975 Cadillac.

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"Cadillac 1975 Optional Specifications"
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