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This is the original manual that AMC dealership mechanics used when servicing your car. Inside this manual, you will find service information on the revised starter motor design introduced in mid-1977 as well as removal and installation information for the quarter windows and vinyl roof on the Barcelona II and Sundowner. You will find new two-tone paint combinations for the Matador Barcelona II, Gremlin Sundowner, and Pacer Sedan. This manual also contains technical service manual revisions for the engine, automatic transmission, clutch, brakes, steering, suspension, and body. This supplement will refer you to the 1977 AMC Technical Service Manual for complete repairs. This book has 32 pages. Buy now for the most updated information for your car.
"AMC 1977 Technical Service Manual Supplement 3"
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11.00 x 8.50 x 0.13 inches
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1977 American Motors Gremlin Custom Sedan 2-Door
1977 American Motors Gremlin Sedan 2-Door
1977 American Motors Matador Coupe 2-Door
1977 American Motors Matador Sedan 4-Door
1977 American Motors Matador Wagon 4-Door
1977 American Motors Pacer Hatchback 2-Door
1977 American Motors Pacer Wagon 2-Door
1977 American Motors Gremlin 1977 American Motors Matador 1977 American Motors Pacer