1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Restoration How-To Book

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Forty years after its introduction, the FoxBody Mustang has come of age, and this new book chronicles all the best procedures for restoring these affordable yet appreciating classics!

In this new Restoration series title from CarTech, all the procedures and best practices for restoring your Fox-Body are covered. You'll find basic history, origial equipment facts, advice on choosing a car, and then step-by-step illustrated restoration instructions.  Chapter subjects include a history of the cars; tools, and equipment required; body repair; interior refurbishment; the climate control system; wheels; engine and driveline rebuilding; electrical troubleshooting and repair; and finally a large index of Fox Mustang facts, including paint codes, production numbers, option codes, data plate decoding, and more.

Never before has Fox Body Mustang restoration been covered in a full-color instructional format. If you are considering a full-blown restoration, or would just like some good advice on how to repair certain sections of your car, this restoration guide is a valuable tool in your toolbox.  includes 626 color photos.  Buy now to own the best restoration guide for your Mustang.

Jim Smart
"Fox Body Mustang Restoration 1979-1993"
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.40 inches
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