1982-1986 Dodge Plymouth L Body Installation & Chassis Assembly Manual Reprint Charger Omni Rampage Horizon Scamp Turismo

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Available to the public for the first time, this assembly manual is unlike anything you've ever seen. You'll see page after page of detailed illustrations of how each body part fits others; this is a reproduction of the book that was originally used by workers on the factory assembly lines putting trucks together. Use the part numbers and illustrations to help you verify original parts, to reassemble parts you are restoring, or to replace missing parts. You’ll find detailed parts illustrations and torque specs you haven’t seen anywhere else.  This reprinted manual covers these topics: 

Body Installation:  glass, window regulators, windshield washer, wipers, sun roof, tire & jack, mirrors, antenna, seat belts, headliner, and instrument panel 

Heating & Air Conditioning:  Find out how to install front and rear heaters, defroster, defogger, vents, and air conditioner.  Includes ducts, plumbing, and controls. 

1985 Seats:  upholstery


  • carburetor (carburetor fuel pump, carburetor fuel lines, carburetor air heater, air cleaner)
  • cooling (radiator hoses, shroud, fan, fan motor, coolant)
  • air conditioning pump and compressor
  • air pump
  • aspirator
  • accelerator pedal
  • throttle controls
  • power steering
  • engine mounts
  • oil filter
  • engine vent
  • vapor canister
  • EGR system
  • starter and ignition cables
  • torque plate and convertor
  • transmission (manual, automatic, oil coller and tubes)
  • drive shaft
  • forestructure
  • suspension
  • steering (linkage, column, steering wheel)
  • brakes (discs, drums, parking brake, pedal, bracket, booster, brake lines)
  • wheels
  • gearshift controls
  • clutch pedal and linkage
  • exhaust system
  • fuel tank & lines
  • engine block heater

Please see the sample page image. All pages are watermarked with a background image like the sample page. There are exploded views and illustrations on just about every one of the book's pages. New condition.  Buy now to own this never before available book. More assembly manuals coming soon.

"1982-1986 Assembly Manual Body Installation & Chassis Charger Horizon Shelby Charger Turismo Omni Scamp Rampage"
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