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This original specs book, printed by Ford, contains nearly all the specs needed to service 1983 Ford trucks. You will find detailed explanations to help you decode your vehicle identification number and door plate. You'll also see service specifications for the axles, brakes, suspension, steering, wheels and tires, engines (including torque specs), transmission, body and frame dimensions, electrical systems, wiper adjustments, climate control systems, and more. Look for fuse block diagrams that name the circuit each fuse protects and the amperage, and fluid capacities for scheduled maintenance points. Buy now to get the facts about your vehicle.
"Ford 1983 Med. Heavy Truck Specifications Book"
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This booklet covers all 1983 Ford Medium and Heavy Truck models including F-, B-, C-600 through 8000 series (Except L-series and CL- 9000),   including B600, B700, B7000, C600, C700, C7000, C800, C8000, CT8000, F600, F700, F7000, F800, FT800, F8000, FT8000 Gas and Diesel.
1983 Ford C C600
1983 Ford C C700
1983 Ford C C7000
1983 Ford C C800
1983 Ford C C8000
1983 Ford C CT8000
1983 Ford F F600
1983 Ford F F700
1983 Ford F F7000
1983 Ford F F800
1983 Ford F F8000
1983 Ford FT FT800
1983 Ford FT FT8000
1983 Ford School Bus Chassis B600
1983 Ford School Bus Chassis B700
1983 Ford School Bus Chassis B7000
1983 Ford C 1983 Ford C 1983 Ford F 1983 Ford FT 1983 Ford FT 1983 Ford School Bus Chassis