1984 Camaro and Firebird Body Specifications Assembly Manual Reprint

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This assembly manual was written by GM engineers for use in the Fisher Body assembly plant. It gives you specifications for clearances, operating effort, leak testing, and torque. The body section specifies clearances between movable panels such as door to fender or door to door. The molding clearances section gives tolerances for body side moldings to door or panel edges. The miscellaneous clearances chapter specifies glass, seat, and bumper tolerances. Hundreds of clearance specs are included. These would be helpful after a collision, or even if things are just a little out of place from decades of wear. These specifications are useful for precise installation of glass, doors, lights, and other parts. In the operating effort section, you'll learn about testing door handles, keys, window regulators, door closing, sunshades, seat adjusters, and trunk lid. You'll also see instructions for performing leak tests. You get torque specs for a few types of fasteners.

Please see the table of contents image. All pages are watermarked with a background image like the sample page. Buy now to own this hard-to-find manual.
Fisher Body
"General Body Specifications Manual 1984 Camaro Firebird"
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