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If you've got the factory shop manual for your Corvette, you've only got half the story -- this book has repair instructions that mechanics found that they needed after the shop manual was printed, and mid-year changes that aren't accounted for in the shop manual. This manual is a set of the service bulletins printed by Chevrolet to help update Chevrolet mechanics at the dealer on how to repair cars. You will find step-by-step illustrated instructions for repair. Find out how to work on the airbag, ABS brake diagnosis, ecm terminal end view chart, enhanced EGR diagnosis, ECM connector end view charts and voltages. Includes service bulletins published between Mar 1991-August 1991.  Buy now to own this original Chevrolet book.
"1991 Dealer Service Manual Update Bulletin Supplement For The 1991 Chevrolet Corvette Service Manual ST-364-91"
General Motors
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