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This is the original wiring diagram printed by Ford for dealer mechanics. You can follow the wiring in your truck from bumper-to-bumper. It will help you to understand connector configurations, and locate & identify circuits, relays, and grounds. Although the schematic is in black and white, the color of each wire is noted. You will not find this diagram in your shop manual. The schematic measures 11" x 17" when folded up, and opens up to 11" by 27". Diagrams may be folded in half for shipping. The diagram pictured is an example of this type when unfolded, but is not the actual diagram for your vehicle. Buy now for the best electrical repair info--the factory wiring diagram.
1994 Truck Wiring Diagrams L-Series (Delivery)
This item is original.
17.00 x 11.00 x 0.25 inches
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Covers 1994 L-Series and Aeromax models including LS-8000, LS-9000, LA-8000, LA-9000, LTS-8000, LTS-9000, LTA-9000, LLA-9000, LLS-9000, LTLA-9000 and LTLS-9000. If you have an LS, LA, LTS, LTA, LLA, LLS, LTLA or LTLS, the fifth digit of your VIN code should be a S, Y OR the fifth, sixth and seventh digits are A95, A99, V95 or V99. If the fifth digit of your VIN code is a U, W, K, R OR if the fifth, sixth and seventh digits are A90 or V90, then see my other items for the L, LL, LTL, LN, LT or LNT diagram. If you also want to verify that your vehicle is a 1994, check the 10th digit of your VIN, which should be an R.
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LA8000
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LA9000
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LLA9000
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LLS9000
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LS8000
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LS9000
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LTLA9000
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LTLS9000
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LTS8000
1994 Ford L-Series Truck LTS9000
1994 Ford LTLS
1994 Ford L-Series Truck 1994 Ford LTLS