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This is a dealer-only album that salespeople used. It was written by Cadillac to train salespeople to sell vehicles to customers. For each model, the book: (1) explains which features are new for 1996, (2) explains details of mechanical and interior features, (3) explains reasons for buying based on research, (4) lists features to point out when walking around or sitting in the vehicle, (4) lists option packages, and (5) includes specifications. For each model, the book covers the safety & quality, the technical highlights, the sound system, and colour & trim. :

Color and upholstery -- examples of the paint and upholstery. Each dealership usually had only one or two copies of this valuable book, so these albums are much rarer than most other types of literature. However, they are often the only source for hard-to-find upholstery swatches - these are printed images of upholstery. Paint chips are actual samples.

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"1996 Sales Consultant Handbook Cadillac"
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11.75 x 11.75 x 2.50 inches
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