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This original manual, printed by Lexus, was made to train dealer mechanics to work on the LX 470 . It's got handy specification charts that give you engine and transmission model numbers, as well as showing you which equipment came on which model - it's great info that is not in the shop manual. The manual is divided into three sections: (1) a model outline, which explains the vehicle to give a general understanding of its features; (2) a technical description, which explains the construction and operation of each new system and component; and (3) appendix with major specifications. The manual shows you a system diagram, illustrations of major components, and also charts with explanations the functions of major components, so that you can diagnose problems. You'll find this information for the engine mechanical and electrical components, transaxle, brakes, axles, and body electrical. This book has 174 pages and is in new condition. Lexus sells this book for over $40, part number NCF155U. Buy now to own this original Lexus manual.
"Lexus 1998 New Car Features LX 470"
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Covers all 1998 Lexus LX 470 models.
1998 Lexus LX470 Sport Utility 4-Door
1998 Lexus LX470