Lincoln Resurrects Iconic Suicide Doors

For the summer of 2019, Lincoln is introducing the Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition, which pays homage to the iconic 1960s models. Stylists are reaching into Lincoln’s history to remind buyers of elegance and a touch of Hollywood glamour. The doors, which they call “iconic center-opening” doors, hark back to the 1961-1969 Lincolns. 

Modern car companies have understandably ditched the “suicide doors” name; they’ve also introduced safety features such as making sure the rear doors can’t be opened until the front doors are to make sure they don’t earn the title back.  Even the 1960s Continentals took extra safety measures – doors couldn’t be opened when the car was going over 8 miles per hour. That explains why the 1961 sales brochure touts automatic door locks.


The 2019 anniversary model will have very limited run of 80 units, but more are promised for 2020. The six inches added to the car’s wheelbase allow for the placement of the larger coach doors, while also delivering best-in-class second-row legroom. The $100,000 car features a personalized badge and unique Black Label appointments in a choice of styles. 

Take a look back at the glamour of the original by checking out these photos from original 1960s sales brochures. You can buy brochures like this by phone or check out our website for any of your other automotive literature needs!