MoPar Assembly Manuals - 1966 Dart, Valiant, and Barracuda just released

You may have seen assembly manuals around for Ford and GM, but precious few Chrysler assembly manuals have made their way to the public. Why is that? Assembly manuals were made for use inside of car factories; they were never intended to be seen by the public. Only a handful of originals are ever made. For one to become available to the public, someone has to preserve one of these books in the first place, and then the rare find has to make its way to reproduction. Chrysler manuals have been harder to come by and few have made their way to the public. A few years ago, we released some 1969 engine and chassis titles (click blue link).

Today, we are proud to announce the release of a new book, the 1966 Dart, Valiant, and Barracuda body and electrical assembly manual (click blue link)– the first MoPar body and electrical assembly manual ever to be made available to the public. It has hundreds of pages never-before-seen details that restorers crave:

  • dimensional drawings of where wiring is routed in the car

  • precise measurements of where stripes are located

  • illustrations of precisely where each type of paint (interior, exterior, two tone, engine) is to be applied

  • drawings of the back side of instrument panel wiring

  • part numbers for small body parts like nuts, bolts, gaskets, and plugs

  • lubrication points to prevent body noises

  • thorough sealing of the body for noise and water leaks with weatherstripping, sealants, solder, rubber parts, gaskets, silencers, and more

  • torque specs

  • much, much more

What’s next? Look for the 1964-1966 Imperial body and electrical assembly manual to be released in the next week, and more Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth titles to be released in the next few months.
Sample Pages: