Service Bulletins For Your Vehicle

If you've got the factory shop manual for your vehicle, you've only got part of the story – service bulletins are sometimes issued after the repair manual is written to correct mistakes, account for mid-year changes, and include repairs that weren’t anticipated.  They were intended to be read by mechanics at the dealer, just like the shop manual.  They usually include step-by-step repair instructions, and might also have updates to part numbers.  In a few cases (such as Ford Model A), the factory made bulletins but no manual and these are the only factory repair source.

Bulletins aren’t available for every single vehicle, but we stock a variety on our website including 1909-1948 Ford, 1920s-1950s Chevy, 1930s-1970s Cadillac, and many others.  Just last week we released a new reproduction of bulletins for 1910-1926 Reo.  You can find them on our website or you can also call us for ones you don’t find on our site, like 1980s and 1990s GM, or 1990s-2000s Mopar.