Trending in the Hobby:  Chevy C10 Pickups, Lowered Squarebodies, and Patina Paint

C10 Club San Diego at Pomona

When we were out at the Pomona Swap Meet earlier this month, we noticed something; C10 Chevy pickup trucks are red hot. While they’ve always been popular, their collectability seems to be expanding. C10 models (and their siblings C20, C30, K10, K20, K30, and GMC models) were made from 1960-1987, and we are seeing them everywhere.

Of particular interest are the 1973-1987 models, known as either “squarebodies” or, paradoxically, the “rounded-line.” Here in California, we like them low. We saw loads of bagged pickups that nearly touched the ground when parked. You can tell that their popularity is picking up; the first ever restoration guide for 1973-1987 trucks was published just a few months ago. Of course, we’ve always carried factory manuals and literature for these trucks. We even offer 1981-1983 assembly manuals.


1973-1987 How to Restore Your Chevy Truck


Another trend among all types of older pickups and trucks is patina paint. Inspired by rat rods, these trucks feature rust, multiple paint colors showing through worn spots, oxidation, and scrapes. It turns out that patina is so popular that people are recreating “fauxtina” – a new paint job made to look like an old one. We look forward to the release in February of a new book on creating and preserving patina paint on vehicles.

1949 Chevy 6100 for sale at Pomona.  This real patina has several trendy characteristics:  3 paint colors showing through, rust, and even vintage sign lettering.