Floyd Clymer's Model T Memories history and 5000 accessories described

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Included is "The Ubiquitous Model T"--a year by year technical overview of the changes in the car by Les Henry. Includes production figures for each year, plus a list of serial numbers for each month and year. Step back in time with Floyd Clymer as he recounts his experiences growing up in Colorado with the Model T Ford as his and his father's constant and loyal companion. You will see the development of the Model T through the eyes of a first hand observer. This book is not only an extensive history of the Model T and the Ford Motor Company -- you also get Model T humor (with song lyrics), and a description of some of the 5,000 accessories available. This is a reprint of a book that first saw the shelves in 1958. New condition. 220 pages. Buy now for this entertaining and informative look back at the history of the unmistakable Model T.
"Floyd Clymer's Model T Memories: including the Ubiquitous Model T"
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