Ford 8N Tractor 3 Manual SET Owner's/Repair/Assembly Reprint

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This 3-book set contains high quality reproductions of restorers' three favorite Ford 8N tractor manuals. It includes the (1) "Ford Tractor Model 8N Operator's Manual," (2) "Service Manual 1948-1952 Ford Tractor Model 8N," and the (3) "1939-1952 Ford Tractor Assembly Manual and Service Parts Catalog Models 9N, 2N and 8N."

(1) The first is a reproduction of the manual that came with your tractor. You will find operating instructions including specifications, instructions for the controls, operation, and storage of the tractor. You will also find a maintenance and troubleshooting guide that will show you how, what, where and when to lubricate. Learn simple procedures that can keep your tractor working. Find out how to adjust and replace the wheels, tires, brakes, steering assembly & front axle, engine & clutch, fuel & exhaust systems, cooling system, electrical system, power train and hydraulic control. You will also find instructions for mounting the plow, adjusting the width of the cut, coulter & jointer adjustments, a chart of the differing plow bottoms available for your tractor, the bottoms' characteristics, and the soils and conditions for which the bottom was adapted, procedures for re-sharpening steel plow shares, plow lubrication, and furrowing procedures. There are pictures and diagrams on nearly every one of the book's 126 pages.

(2) The second is a reproduction of the same manual a Ford tractor dealer mechanic would have used to repair or overhaul your 8N. You will find detailed descriptions, specifications, and step-by-step instructions for the adjustment, disassembly/assembly, inspection and repair of the steering gear, transmission, hydraulic system, rear axle, power take off, and belt pulley. You will find exploded view illustrations of component parts on nearly every of its 56 pages.

(3) The last is a reproduction of the original parts book used by Ford dealers. You will find exploded views of parts to help you take the tractor apart or put it back together. Get the original part numbers and illustrations so you can find the right parts & decide whether the parts you are buying are original and complete. Learn about interchange between the parts on your tractor and the parts for other years and models in the book. This book has 175+ pages.

All 3 books are in brand NEW CONDITION! These books cover 1948-1949-1950-1951-1952 Ford Tractor 8N models. Buy now to save money on the best books for your tractor.

(1) "Ford Tractor Model 8N Operator's Manual, " (2) "Service Manual 1948-1952 Ford Tractor Model 8N, " and the (3) "1939-1952 Ford Tractor Assembly Manual and Service Parts Catalog Models 9N, 2N and 8N."
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