Ford Mustang GT/CS Recognition Guide and Owner's Manual California Special 1968, 2007-2011

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This is your ultimate guide to the California Special, giving you a comprehensive history, restoration guidance, as well as a registry of the cars. Licensed by Ford, this is a hardbound, full-color 224 page detailed story of the limited-edition 1968 Ford Mustang which was created just for California. The story of how the California-Crazy car culture in the 1960s prompted the marketing of Mustang's first factory-produced special edition is described in incredible detail - from the inspiration of Shelby's "Little Red" coupe to the development by Ford Design to become 4,118 GT/California Specials. The story continues with the marketing plan by J.Walter Thompson and California's Ford Dealer's Association to bring this Mustang to market in the spring of 1968. A detailed account of the GT/CS variant, the "High Country Special," sold in the Denver sales district is also included.

Detailed production statistics, rare factory photos, authentication, options, accessories, specific part descriptions and comprehensive Concours restoration information are covered, along with the complete stories of the Shelby prototype coupes "Little Red," and the EXP-500 "Green Hornet." A separate chapter is devoted to the development, prototypes and production of the 2007-09 and 2011 GT/CS, and a complete GT/CS Owner Registry of 1,300 cars with photos rounds out the volume.

Each book is beautifully bound, signed by the author and numbered (2000 total books). Buy now to own this very special, limited edition for Mustang collectors!
Paul M. Newitt
"Mustang GT/CS Recognition Guide amd Owner's Manual"
8.75 x 11.30 x 0.75 inches
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Covers the 1968 California Special and High Country Special, as well as the 2007-2009 and 2011 GT/CS, as well as prototypes.
1968 Ford Mustang
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