How Service & Modify 1982-2001 Corvette FI & Electronic Engine Mngmt L83/L98/LT1/LT4/LS1/LS6/ZR-1

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Charles O. Probst brings you a comprehensive manual for the most complex Corvette engine controls to date. Find out about how fuel injection & electronic engine management work in both theory and practice, and learn to diagnose or soup up your engine. You will learn why electronic controls are so important to emissions and how the differing fuels used seasonally and geographically affect performance. The role of sensors, control modules, actuators, and fuel delivery systems are described in detail; then you will learn how they work together to adjust the engine performance according to road & engine conditions. Probst provides road tested modifications that will boost power and explains why some modifications are not worth your time and money. You will find out about superchargers and turbochargers from Vortech & Lingenfelter, performance throttle bodies, manifolds, Bosch fuel pumps, chips & modules by Hypertech, and ignition timing controls by MSD.

He also provides diagnostic tests that average owners can do themselves. The diagnostic section was designed to dispel some of the mystery of EFI engine trouble, making you more confident that YOU can do the job right yourself (with the right tools, of course). You will learn to pre-diagnose and even treat engine trouble so that you can better communicate with your mechanic (and save money on unnecessary repairs). Probst shows you how to service the engine-management's electrical system, fuel system, air intake, ignition, idle air-control, and temperature sensors. Includes 112 pages of model-specific wiring schematics, trouble codes, and pictures and diagrams on nearly every page in this 380 page book. Whether you are simply an owner who loves the Corvette, or a master mechanic with a desire to push the EFI to new heights of performance, this book will become indispensable for your car.
Charles O. Probst
How to Understand, Service and Modify 1982 through 2001 Corvette Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Management: L83, L98, LT1, LT4, LS1, LS6, ZR-1
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Covers the 1982 C3 & 1984 C4 L83, the 1985-1988 C4 L98, the 1989 C4 L89, the 1990-1991 C4 L98, the 1990-1995 ZR-1(C4) LT1 & LT5, the 1996 C4 LT1 & LT4, and the 1997-2001 C5 LS1 & LS6 Chevrolet Corvette electronic fuel injection engines.
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