1915-1921 Ford Model T Reprint Body & Mechanical Parts Book Set

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This item consists of a reprinted set of two books entitled "Price List of Body Parts: Model T" and "Price List of Parts and Accessories: Model T" respectively -- 39 pages each. The first one covers primarily body parts and the second covers primarily mechanical parts, so between the two of them, they cover most parts on the car. These are reproductions of the books a Ford parts department would have used to order parts for the Model T. Inside you will find Ford's original part numbers, descriptions and prices, with labeled skeletal views of Model T bodies and individually labeled mechanical parts. Get your frames, upholstering, hinges, door handles, pillars, brackets, cowls and much more from the body book. In the parts book you will find front and rear axles, engines and all their components, transmission parts, radiators, hoods, running boards, repair tools, glass and more. Both books are New condition. Buy now for this original material from Ford.
"Price List of Body Parts: Model T"
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Covers the Torpedo, Roadster, Touring Car, Coupe, Sedan, and Four-door sedan.
1915-1921 Ford Model T
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