Model T Ford in Speed & Sport: History, Racing & Modifications

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This book presents a collection of period info on fast Model T's. You will find out how-to information on speeding up the Model T, as well as reproductions of the catalogs of the premier racing T parts suppliers of the era. Read about some of the model T's racing history, like an article by Noel Bullock, who won the Pike's Peak race. Find reproductions of parts information from Frontenac, Winfield, Craig-Hunt, Faultless, Bosch, Ruxstell, Buffalo, Speedford, Rajo, Chevrolet Brothers, Fronty Ford, and over 20 others. Learn how-to convert the T by reading articles of the day that suggest using Fordson or Dodge Valves, increasing valve lift, using high sped cams, overhead valve systems, crankshafts, ignition systems, speedster steering gears, underslinging, superchargers, building a dirt-track racer by Arthur Chevrolet, and more. 224 pages, 300 illustrations. New condition. Buy now to own this Model T speed reference.
"Model T Ford in Speed & Sport."
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1909-1927 Ford Model T
1909-1927 Ford Model TT