1916-1928 Chevrolet CD-ROM Car and Truck Repair Shop Manual

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This CD-ROM offers page-for-page reproductions of three bound manuals that Chevrolet mechanics used to service vehicles. It includes the 1916-1924 490, 1925-1926, and 1927-1928 Chevrolet repair manuals. You will find instructions for operation and care, a diagnostic guide, servicing the electrical system, and lubricating the chassis. You will find detailed repair instructions for the motor assembly, clutch assembly, rear & front axle, front & rear wheels, brakes, steering gear, carburetor, fuel pump, gas tank, radiator, electrical system, lubrication, closed body repairs, and more. With the step-by-step illustrated instructions, specifications, and wiring diagrams on this CD, you will have the information you need to keep your project on the road. Covers 1916-1928 Chevrolet cars and trucks, including 490, Touring Convertible, Roadster, Coupe, Sedan, "FB" Sedan, "FB" Roadster, Superior, K, V, Capitol, National, series AA-AB, pickup, truck, and the Model "T" Truck Chassis with body and 8-post top. Buy now to own the best shop manual for your vehicle on CD. See our other items to buy the car Fisher body service manuals, available on paper only.
1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1927 1927 1928
"1916-1928 Chevrolet Service Manuals 3 Volumes"
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1916 Chevrolet H Four Cyl.
1916-1918 Chevrolet Series D V-8
1916-1924 Chevrolet 490
1917 Chevrolet F Four Cyl.
1918 Chevrolet FA Four Cyl.
1918-1922 Chevrolet Model T 1 Ton Truck
1919-1922 Chevrolet FB Four Cyl.
1921-1922 Chevrolet Model G 3/4 Ton Truck
1923-1928 Chevrolet Truck
1925-1926 Chevrolet Superior
1927 Chevrolet Capitol
1928 Chevrolet National