1914-1927 Chevrolet Electrical Repair Manual Reprint

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This is a reprint of the electrical repair manual printed by Chevy for dealer mechanics. The book both explains the general principles of electrical systems used at that time in Chevy cars and then also gives specific repair and troubleshooting instructions. From the introduction: "This Manual has been prepared to properly understand the function of the different units which make up the electrical system on the Chevrolet car, and also to assist him in testing, locating, and correcting the troubles due to defects or wear. The Manual is separated into seven distinct divisions: 1. Principles of Electricity and Magnetism, 2.The Generating system, 3. The starting system, 4. The ignition and lighting system, 5. An analysis of electrical troubles, 6. Bench Testing and Repairing, and 7. Wiring diagrams." The book is in brand new condition. Buy now for the best electrical repair information..

Please see the index pictures. Pages are watermarked with a background image like the index.
"Chevrolet Electrical Repair Manual For Four-Ninety, Superior and Capitol Series Cars 1914-1927"
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The manual covers 1914-1927 Chevrolet models. The cover lists models including Four-Ninety, Superior and Capitol Series cars. The book also includes diagrams and information for Model T trucks, and series FA and FB cars.
1915-1924 Chevrolet 490
1918 Chevrolet FA Four Cyl.
1918-1922 Chevrolet Model T 1 Ton Truck
1919-1922 Chevrolet FB Four Cyl.
1925-1926 Chevrolet Superior
1927 Chevrolet Capitol