1927-1928 Chevrolet Car and Truck Repair Shop Manual Reprint Capitol National

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This is a high-quality reprint of the same manual that a Chevrolet service mechanic would have used in the roaring twenties. You will find detailed repair instructions for the motor assembly, clutch assembly, rear & front axle, front & rear wheels, brakes, steering gear, carburetor, fuel pump, gas tank, radiator, electrical system, lubrication, closed body repairs, and more. You will also find diagrammed illustrations and exploded views to clarify the instructions. 262 pages, NEW! Buy now to own the best manual for your Chevy.
"Chevrolet Repair Manual Showing Shortcuts and Methods for Repairing Chevrolet Capitol and National Cars Series AA-AB "
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Covers all Chevrolet Capitol and National series AA-AB cars and trucks.
1927 Chevrolet Capitol
1927-1928 Chevrolet Truck
1928 Chevrolet National
1927 1928 Chevrolet Capitol 1927 1928 Chevrolet National 1927 1928 Chevrolet Truck