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This book explains the history of Ford in the thirties - how the car changed, how it was engineered, how it fared in the marketplace, how the Ford family managed the company, and it even contains an interview with a Ford employee who was present in the thirties. You'll see black and white photos of cars on nearly every page.

This book contains 15 chapters: The rise and fall of the Model A, Eight-Cylinder genius, Losing the low-price leadership, Ford at home and abroad, Coming of age in engineering, Growing pains and good results, Wind of the Zephyr, Styling draws battle lines, The recovery of proportions, Mr. Ford, Edsel, and Mercury, New age stirring-old age dying, Trucks and ford, Ford joins the ranks 1941, A man who was there, and Ford car model specifications.

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Paul Woudenberg
"Ford In The Thirties"
8.00 x 10.75 x 0.25 inches
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Covers 1928-1941 Ford, 1939-41 Mercury, 1936-41 Lincoln Zephyr, & 1940-41 Continental. One chapter is devoted to trucks, but they are not thoroughly covered.
1932 Ford Model 18
1932 Ford Model B
1933-1934 Ford Model 40
1935 Ford Model 48 Deluxe
1935 Ford Model 48 Standard
1936 Ford Model 67 Pickup
1936 Ford Model 67 Truck
1936 Ford Model 68 Car
1936 Ford Model 68 Commercial Car
1936 Ford Model 68 Pickup
1936 Ford Model 68 Truck
1937 Ford Model 74
1937 Ford Model 78
1938 Ford Model 81 A Deluxe
1938 Ford Model 81 A Standard
1938 Ford Model 82 A
1938 Ford Model 85
1939-1940 Ford Standard
1939-1941 Ford Deluxe
1941 Ford Model 11 A
1941 Ford Super Deluxe
1936-1941 Lincoln Zephyr
1940-1941 Lincoln Continental
1939 Mercury Series 99A
1940 Mercury Series O9A
1941 Mercury Series 19A