The Lincoln Continental Story: From Zephyr to Mark II

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Here is the history of the Continental by the people who know Lincolns best. This is the story as told in the pages of Continental Comments, the authoritative publication of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club. It's loaded with insightful stories never before published outside of this award-winning magazine.

Read about the development of the Lincoln-Zephyr and its evolution into the original 1939-40 Lincoln Continental, along with quotes from people who originally designed the car. Includes stories on the 1949 Lincoln Continental that was never produced, and the 1949-1951 era Lincoln flathead V-8s that succeeded the original Lincoln Continental. Concludes with the development of the $10,000 1956-1957 Continental II, why it missed the mark, and was discontinued after only two years.

You'll find out about the styling and marketing of the car, see profiles of designers and cars, and even read an interview with Henry Clay Ford about the Mark II.Also included are stories about movie star and other celebrity owned Lincoln Continental cars including Rita Hayworth, Mickey Rooney, Jack Benny, Randolph Scott, President Harry Truman, Sally Rand, Babe Ruth and Frank Lloyd Wright.

This book sets the record straight on one of the most famous and misunderstood Classics in American history with articles by leading historians on the subject. Contains over 160 photos and illustrations. Buy now to own the best and most authoritative articles ever written about the first Lincoln Continentals.
Ed. Tim Howley
"The Lincoln Continental Story: From Zephyr to Mark II"
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1936-1942 Lincoln Zephyr
1940-1942 Lincoln Continental
1946 Lincoln 66H Series Continental
1947 Lincoln 76H Series Continental
1948 Lincoln 876H Series Continental
1949 Lincoln 9EL Series
1949-1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan
1950-1951 Lincoln Lincoln
1956-1957 Lincoln Mark II