1933 Plymouth PD Reprint Owner's Manual with Repair Info

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This is a quality reproduction of the manual that was issued with 1933 Plymouths. You will find instructions for operation and care, as well as adjustments and repair operations outlined for the front & rear axle, brakes, clutch, cooling system, electrical system, engine, lubrication, fuel system, shock absorbers, springs, steering gear, free wheeling transmission, tires, u-joints and propeller shafts. You will also find corrective measures for specific symptoms, tools list, standards of adjustment (specifications), speedometer data, detailed specifications and more. Since Plymouth didn't make a shop manual in 1933, this book is essential to the owner who wants to work on the car. Order now for this instruction and repair manual in one.
"De Luxe Plymouth Six Instruction Book"
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1933 Plymouth Model PD