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This is a high-quality reproduction of the manual that was issued with 1937 Fords. Optionally, you get a high-quality reproduction of the manufacturer's paper envelope to protect your new book. You will find service information for the brakes, carburetor, cooling system, clutch, distributor, electrical system, generator, horns, ignition, lamps, lubrication, shock absorber, steering gear, tires, touring, transmission, wheels, and instructions for maintenance and operation of the vehicle. The book measures 4.75" x 6.25", has 64 pages of illustrations and step-by-step procedures, and is in BRAND NEW condition. Buy now for the best manual for your Ford.
"Ford Reference Book V85 1937"
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Covers 1937 Ford 85 horsepower cars, convertibles, station wagons, and ½-ton trucks including sedan delivery, panel, & pickups with Flathead V8. The pickup is built on a car chassis in this year, so Ford used the same owner's manual for car & pickup.
1937 Ford Model 77 Truck 85hp
1937 Ford Model 78
1937 Ford Model 77 Truck 85hp 1937 Ford Model 78