1938 Chevrolet Car Reprint Accessory Catalog Set

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This set consists of reprints of two 1938 Chevy publications: "Genuine Chevrolet Accessories for the 1938 Chevrolet," and "Dealer's Confidential Price List of Genuine Chevrolet Accessories for 1938." The first is a quality reprint of the illustrated accessory brochure. You will find sepia-toned illustrations and descriptions with prices for each accessory. You'll see dozens of accessories like tires, radios, chrome trim, and much more. Use this 28-page book to identify parts on your car that are factory accessories, and to help you distinguish between Chevy accessories and aftermarket add-ons. Find out what accessories you can add and still be authentic. The second brochure helps you with your search for authentic accessories by giving you Chevy's original part numbers. The 8-page dealer's price list includes the original Chevrolet part numbers along with a description of the part and the price. The accessories in these books could be found on any 1938 Chevy Car, including Master and Master Deluxe models. New condition. Buy now to find out how to make your car into a "loaded" model.
"Genuine Chevrolet Accessories for the 1938 Chevrolet, "
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