1939-1940 Oldsmobile Body Manual Reprint

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This is a licensed reproduction of the manual written by GM for use at Oldsmobile dealers. Find out how to work on the body of your car with repair instructions which are different from what you will find in your shop manual. The book is packed with illustrations of the cars You will find page after page of exploded and cutaway views showing the body's construction, including weld lines, the underbody, what the interior looks like without panels or headlining. Find out how to remove, install, and work on hardware & trim, seats & the metal framework below them, headliners, door panels, locks, arm rests, handles, glass, vents, moldings, weather-stripping, and hinges. Learn how to make adjustments, eliminate water leaks, operate and service the convertible top. New condition. Order now to own the best body repair manual for your car. .
"1939 and 1940 Body Manual Service and Construction Body by Fisher"
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Covers all models of 1939 and 1940 Olds, as well as other GM models.
1939 Oldsmobile F-39
1939 Oldsmobile G-39
1939 Oldsmobile L-39
1940 Oldsmobile Series 60
1940 Oldsmobile Series 70
1940 Oldsmobile Series 90
1939 1940 Oldsmobile F-39 1939 1940 Oldsmobile G-39 1939 1940 Oldsmobile L-39 1939 1940 Oldsmobile Series 60 1939 1940 Oldsmobile Series 70 1939 1940 Oldsmobile Series 90