1940 Buick only Body Repair Shop Manual Reprint Special Century Super Roadmaster

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This manual was written by GM specifically for service of the 1940 Buick bodies. This book is different from and complementary to the 1939-1940 Fisher Body manual. This manual is broken down into three sections:

(1) Section 1 covers Series 40 Special and Series 60 Century adjustments for body noises, water leaks, and misalignment. There are too many topics to list them all, but a sampling includes: sealing window moldings, problematic spotwelds, dash noise, lock rattle, window regulator rattle, loose door handles, bowed door, cracked center pillar, cracked door panel, specific hinges and bolts that are prone to coming loose, trunk seals, and proper lubrication of door and window hardware,

(2) Section 2 portrays the construction of the Series 50 Super and Series 70 Roadmaster which were newly designed for 1940. It explains the features of the bodies and how they differ from the 1939 models.

(3) Section 3 consists of notes that further explain sections one and two. Buy now to own this Buick-only body manual.
"Service and Maintenance 1940 Fisher Unisteel Bodies"
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