1946-1948 Fisher Body Upholstery Assembly Manual Buick Olds 76/78/98 Pontiac Streamliner 46-47 Cadillac

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This manual shows you how to install upholstery and fabrics on your car. You can also use this manual to help identify parts that may be missing or incorrect. You'll see cutaway views of trim, along with types and amounts of fabric and materials used. Find out instructions for the order and placement of fabrics and sound deadeners, along with pictures showing how they are applied (with wires, cemented, sewn, etc.). You'll see a chart with materials used, threads used on the top and bottom, the type of stitch used, and stiches per inch. When it comes to parts like a seat cover, the book shows you how to install the cover and secure it to the seat, but it does not show you how to sew the inside parts of the seat cover itself (such as pleats on the front).

Find out how to install upholstery and trim for:

  • Front and rear seats: bottom, back, side panels
  • Door panels
  • Rear quarter interior trim
  • Rear side arm rests
  • Headliner and support spacers
  • Convertible: top fabric, rear window, top compartment trim, boot
  • Rear carpet
  • Trunk
  • Please see the sample pages. All pages are watermarked with a background image like the sample.

    There are illustrations on nearly every one of the book's pages. New condition. Go on and tear that car apart! This book will help you put it back together.

    "1946-1948 Fisher Body Upholstery & Trim Assembly Manual All Buick Oldsmobile 76 &78 Pontiac Streamliner 1946-47 Cadillac 60 61 62 & Olds 98"
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    Includes two door cars, four door cars, and convertibles. The book was originally published in 1946, and since the cars didn't change much, GM continued to use it for 1947 and 1948.
    1946-1948 Buick Roadmaster Series 70
    1946-1948 Buick Special Series 40
    1946-1948 Buick Super Series 50
    1946-1947 Cadillac Series 60 Special Fleetwood
    1946-1947 Cadillac Series 61
    1946-1947 Cadillac Series 62
    1946-1948 Oldsmobile Series 76
    1946-1948 Oldsmobile Series 78
    1946-1948 Pontiac Streamliner
    1948 Pontiac Silver Streak