1946-1981 Triumph Sports and Racing Cars Illustrated History Book

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In The Illustrated History Of Triumph Sports and Racing Cars. Triumph historian G. William Krause reviews every model in the sports car lineup. He covers the history, design evolution, and performance specifications from the first sports cars in the 1930s through the final cars built in 1981. This book also looks at the "what if" cars that never made it into production, including photos.  Krause ties the history of Triumph into the broader British automotive story, and brings to light many of the efforts made over the years to bring new models to the market or track. Full of 276 black & white & color high qualtiy photos.


G. William Krause
"The Illustrated History Of Triumph Sports and Racing Cars"
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.25 inches
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1946-1948 Triumph 1800
1949 Triumph 2000
1954-1955 Triumph TR2
1956-1957 Triumph TR3
1958-1961 Triumph TR3A
1962 Triumph TR3B
1962-1964 Triumph TR4
1963-1974 Triumph Spitfire
1965-1968 Triumph TR4A
1967-1969 Triumph TR250
1967-1973 Triumph GT6
1967-1974 Triumph TR6
1968 Triumph TR5
1975-1976 Triumph TR6 Convertible 2-Door
1975-1980 Triumph Spitfire Convertible 2-Door
1975-1981 Triumph TR7 Coupe 2-Door
1979-1981 Triumph TR7 Convertible 2-Door
1980-1981 Triumph TR8 Convertible 2-Door
1980-1981 Triumph TR8 Coupe 2-Door