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This book is a reprint of the manual that Triumph mechanics used to service cars, and also includes a reprint of the TR3 owner's manual. You will find detailed service procedures for engine, cooling system, clutch, gearbox, rear axle, front suspension, steering, road springs, shock absorbers, frame unit, propeller shaft, wheels, tires, electrical equipment, body, fuel system, brakes, exhaust system, and specialized tools. Also includes sections in the rear of the book covering supplemental information for the TR3 & 3A models. These supplemental sections cover the information that was different for the TR3 & 3A models from the TR2 models and will require the previous sections in the book for the information that didn't change. With the step-by-step illustrated instructions, specifications, and wiring diagrams in this manual, you will have the information you need to get your project on the road and keep it there. Buy now to own the best manual for your car!
"The Complete Official Triumph TR2 & TR3 1953-1961"
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You can use the information in this manual to restore 1953-1961 Triumph TR2 and TR3 models.
1954-1955 Triumph TR2
1956-1957 Triumph TR3
1958-1961 Triumph TR3A