1947-1956 Ferguson Tractor Reprint Owners Manual All TE British Models

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This is a reproduction of the manual that came with your tractor. You will find a maintenance section with a lube chart, a detailed maintenance schedule, which part to lube, and recommended fluids. The reference section gives you instructions for operation, adjustment and maintenance of the engine, fuel system, carburetor (including Holley products), cooling system, hydraulic mechanism, clutch, gearbox, rear axle, power take-off, linkage, adjustable drawbar, track widths, brakes, and more. You will also find a technical section where you will learn about: de-carbonizing and valve grinding, clutch pedal adjustment, and hydraulic control lever adjustment. Also includes lists of specifications and accessories. Covers gasoline and vaporizing oil engines. 40 pages, New condition. Buy now to own the manual you were meant to have as an owner/operator.
"Tractor Service Instruction Book: Types TE-A20 & TE-C20 Petrol Engine; Types TE-D20 & TE-E20 V.O. Engine: Harry Ferguson, Ltd., Coventry, England"
Ferguson Tractor
This item is a reproduction
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1947-1956 Ferguson Tractor TE-Series
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