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This is the original manual issued by Oldsmobile to train mechanics to install and adjust the "Valiant Driving Controls" for handicapped drivers (owing to the fact that WWII vets who returned with amputations were often referred to as "War Valiants" or simply "Valiants"). To address the various kinds of injuries veterans were facing, Oldsmobile offered five different groups of Valiant controls, as well as a selection of individual parts, customizable for the loss of use of either arm or either leg. You will find step-by-step installation instructions accompanied by detailed illustrations. You will also find original part numbers to easily reference equipment including: Turn signal lever, steering wheel grip assembly, left foot accelerator, hand dimmer switch, windshield washer control knob, assist handle, shift control lever, power brake lever, and much, much more! Buy now to own this original manual from Olds.
"Oldsmobile's Valiant Driving Controls Installation and Adjustment Manual 1949 Thru 1951 Models"
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