1950-1952 Crosley Farm-O-Road Repair Shop Manual Reprint

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"Service Parts and Manual Farm-O-Road Automotive, Marine, Industrial" This is a reprint of the manual that a Crosley dealer would use to service the Farm-O-Road. This quirky little vehicle was billed as the ultimate farm accessory taking on the roles of tractor, truck, mower, car and much more. You will find a variety of accessories, equipment and options packages outlined. Some equipment, such as the Hay Rake, Disc Harrow, Cultivator, Moldboard plow and others are covered in more detail offering original part numbers, cutaway views and instructions for assembling/operation. 101 pages, New. If you own a Farm-O-Road, or even know someone who has one, you MUST BUY NOW! This manual is essential for the repair and upkeep of this truly unique vehicle. 1950, 1951, 1952 50, 51, 52
"Service Parts and Manual Farm-O-Road Automotive, Marine, Industrial"
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1950-1952 Crosley Farm-O-Road
1950 1951 1952 Crosley Farm-O-Road