1950 Buick Super and Roadmaster Written Assembly Manual Reprint

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This is an assembly manual unlike any other you’ve seen. It is mostly text with only a few illustrations– it contains the written instructions for the final assembly line. The final assembly line includes putting major components, such as engine, transmission, and body, onto the rolling chassis, as well as installing mechanical components.

This manual describes the parts used in assembly, often identifying what they’re made of and how they are sealed. Sometimes, you’ll learn specific instructions for a how a part is installed. Or, you’ll find out tips to take special care in cleaning, adjusting, or sealing a part to prevent problems. Areas of carryover and change from 1949 are often addressed. You’ll see specifications for adjusting and lubricating parts. Sometimes you’ll see tests to make sure a part is installed properly. You’ll see this type of information for engine, rear axle, fuel tank, exhaust, fenders, radiator mounting, bumpers, locks, trunk lining, hood, dash electrical cables, and brakes.

You will also find instructions for dozens of step-by-step procedures. For example, you will find out how to position the engine, axle, and body brackets within the frame. Here are some additional examples: door alignment, hood hinge adjustments, steering gear alignment, adjusting the neutral safety switch on Dynaflow models, wheel alignment, caster and camber angles (specifications and adjustments), bleeding brakes, brake shoe adjustment, transmission noise prevention tips, and engine block testing.

You will see charts such as: a list of bolt sizes and torque specifications, a list of engine parts that should NOT be painted, a list of lubricants and sealers, rear axle markings, and spring and shock absorber data. The book occasionally references drawings which are in other books. Each page is watermarked, please see the sample page. Buy now to own this hard-to-find book.
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"Buick 1950 Super and Roadmaster Written Assembly Instruction Manual"
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