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This book was used by Chevrolet dealers to order equipment for their customers. You’ll find bodies and accessories from dozens of different manufacturers, including popular ones that you may have heard of, like Truckstell, Superior, Moog, and also some obscure and interesting little brands. Although this equipment is mostly from manufacturers other than Chevy, the book itself was Chevrolet-factory made and was used by Chevy dealers to sell approved Chevy equipment with new trucks. You will see a two-sided sheet for most pieces of equipment, which generally shows a picture and offers a description (the book is really a collection of brochures from the manufacturers). You'll find a variety of truck bodies, such as school bus, ambulance, small bus, station wagon, boxes, utility work bodies, parcel delivery, hearse, bottle truck, fire truck, road repair vehicles, and dump beds. You'll also see accessories like grille guards, four-wheel drive conversions, heavy duty springs, snow plows, tire carriers, winches, power take-offs, power brakes, trailers, and wrecker equipment. Buy now to own this rare original album.
"Silver Book Special Equipment For Chevrolet Trucks"
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1950 Chevrolet Truck
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1950 Chevrolet Truck 3800 Standard Cab Pickup 2-Door