1950 GMC FC-FF 100-350 Pickup Truck Owner's Manual Reprint

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"GMC Owner's and Driver's Manual: Truck Models 100-350" This is a quality reproduction of the manual issued with your GMC Truck. You will find load capacities, model data, warranty information, and a list of tools that were furnished with your truck. In the operation section, there are black and white pictures of the interior of typical light duty conventional cab & C.O.E deluxe cab, close-ups of the dash instruments, the location and operation of the hood, air cleaner, master cylinder, hydrovac, & oil filler (C.O.E. models), instructions for shifting the 3-, 4- & 5-speed transmissions, shifting the 2-speed axle, split shifting the transmission & rear axle at the same time, use of hand & foot brakes, lights, as well as fuse information and bulb data. You will find advice and instruction for the application of engine oils, 15% sodium soap grease, petroleum jelly, hypoid lubricants, extreme pressure lubricants, and special lubricants, with crankcase oil recommendations and lubrication charts illustrating amounts and fluid types for all grease fittings and points. The maintenance section provides brief descriptions of service procedures you can do yourself. You will find service instructions for tune-up, valve lash, crankcase ventilation, cooling system care, corrosion prevention, fan belt adjustment/replacement, cold weather preparations, radiator mounting, ignition system maintenance, battery maintenance, exterior light bulb replacement, wiring & polarizing (with circuit diagram), fuel system maintenance, clutch adjustment, front & rear axle maintenance, servicing hydraulic & mechanical brake systems, rotating tires, installing synthetic tubes, changing tires, steering gear adjustments, front and rear spring maintenance, cab maintenance, and more! There is a list of GMC engineered accessories in the back of the book. 82 pages, New condition.Buy now for the best manual for your vintage GMC truck.
"GMC Owner's and Driver's Manual: Truck Models 100-350"
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This manual was issued with all 1950 light duty truck series, including: FC-100 (101 & 102), FC-150 (152), FC-250 (251, 252, & 253), FC-280 (281 & 283), FC-300 (301, 302, 303, & 304), FCS-300 (304 & 305), FF-300 (301, 302, & 303), FC-350 (351, 352, 353, 354, & 355), and FFR & FF-351 (351, 352, 353, 354, & 355).
1950 GMC P152
1950 GMC Series 300
1950 GMC Truck
1950 GMC P152 1950 GMC Series 300 1950 GMC Truck