1955 Chevrolet Air Conditioning Repair Shop Manual Reprint Set

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You will learn how to maintain your 1955 Chevy air conditioning system with this two-book set. These are quality reproductions of part one and two of the Chevrolet Air Conditioning service training manual. Chevy dealer mechanics used these booklets as a quick and easy reference. You will find detailed part descriptions and service instructions presented in slide show style with black and white pictures. "1955 Chevrolet Air Conditioning Part 1. Theory and Operation 1955" explains in 31 pages the principles of refrigeration, properties of Freon-12, and the construction and operation of the air conditioner. "Chevrolet Air Conditioning Part 2. Maintenance 1955" covers special tools, performance testing, major adjustments, and component service. 43 pages. Both books are New condition! Buy now to learn all about air conditioning repair from Chevy.
"1955 Chevrolet Air Conditioning" "Part 1. Theory and Operation 1955" and "Part 2. Maintenance 1955"
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