1957-1959 Jeep Special Equipment Catalog Reprint

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"'Jeep' Specialized Vehicles and Equipment Catalog" This is a page-for-page reprint of a book that Jeep dealers used in the 1950s to order equipment for their customers. You’ll find tools and accessories from about 30 different manufacturers, including popular ones that you may have heard of, like Warn and Koenig, and also some obscure and interesting little brands. Although this equipment is mostly from manufacturers other than Jeep, the book itself was Jeep-factory made and was used by Jeep dealers to sell "approved Jeep equipment." It includes a seven page illustrated section with factory accessories as well. The book includes agricultural and industrial equipment as well as bodies. You will see a two-sided sheet for most pieces of equipment, which generally shows a picture and sometimes offers specifications, along with a price list showing part numbers and prices; there are multiple brands and models to choose from for some of the equipment listed below in detail. This includes equipment from 1957, 1958, and 1959. While the majority of the 252-page book is devoted to the Willys CJ-3B, CJ-5, and truck, you’ll also see a few pieces of equipment for the Sedan Delivery/Station Wagon, and there are listings but not pictures for some FC 150 & 170 items. This 8.5 x 11 inch book is in new condition. Buy now to own this hard-to-find piece of Jeep history.

Detailed list of contents:

CJ-3B and CJ-5: Canvas tops, steel cabs, additional seats, hydraulic lift, sta-bar, bed extension, dozer blade, terracing blade, scoop, harrow, plow, post hole digger, pump, rotary cutter, Jeep-A-Trench, sprayer, welder, hubs, draw bar, air compressor, generator, winches, snow plow, two wheel trailers, hydraulic loader (forklift), angledozer, wrecker, and fire engine.

Jeep Truck: Canopy top, bumper guards, bumper with trailer hitch, service body, dump bed, parcel delivery body, welder, lift gate, hubs, draw bar, air compressor, generator, winches, snow plow, two wheel trailers, back hoe, wrecker, cargo personnel carrier, and fire truck.

Station Wagon and Sedan Delivery: Bumper guards, additional seats, hubs, draw bar, air compressor, generator, winches, snow plow, two wheel trailers, and ambulance. Parkway conversion to add station wagon style windows to the Sedan Delivery.
"'Jeep' Specialized Vehicles and Equipment Catalog"
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